Thursday, January 1, 2009

- Two -

The music slowly comes to an end.

Lights growing dimmer by the second.

The singer's raspy low pitched voice announces the bride's arrival and with that she walks in.

Appearing as if by magic from behind the narrow beige curtains. She seems flawless from where I'm sitting. I turn to my left to say something to Rawan when I find that Rawan, Reem, and the rest of their friends are standing and smiling broadly for their friend to see. I go back to watching Lulu make her way to the kosha . Silently thinking of how nervous she might be. I sneak a peak at her mom, dressed beautifully in a blue long sleeved dress. The mom is clearly avoiding looking at her eldest daughter and instead is staring at her other daughter. How weird I began to think but it wasn't until I caught a glimpse of the mother's face did I understand. Her face was drenched with tears ! 
Akh, 3awarni galbi! Allah yer7amha.

Before I knew it I had left my seat and dashed to the toilets. I sat for what seemed like a lifetime on a closed toilet seat thinking of how different life would be if my mom was still alive. . .  My mind dashed from scenario to scenario measuring of how big of an impact having a mother there with me would make ! The period talk! Would she have been one of those cool mothers we talked about that would give us the quick and fast pep talk or would she have been one of those nervous ones? Coming home late, what would her reaction have been? Would se have grounded me? Would she have cared? Boyfriends? Would she have approved or disapproved? Would she have given me advice or beheaded me? Thousands of unanswered questions popped up in my head. The vibrate of my phone indicating that I have a message startled me and woke me up from my daze. 

From :Rawoon Cuzin
11:34  1-JAN-09

  I quickly got up and straightened my dress. Leaving the bathroom stall and trying to walk the butt cramp I had from sitting on that uncomfortable toilet seat out ! I looked at my reflection in the mirror making sure everything was in place . I flipped my hair trying to ruffle up my loose curls. I was going for the casual just got-out-of-bed-looking-this-gorgeous look, but not really. In reality I had to wait for over an hour while Heba did my hair. Making sure each curl was where it was supposed to be. I bent over the sink and inspected my makeup. I had done a good job if I have to say so myself. I don't believe in going to see a makeup artist, its not for everyone I guess. Especially if that someone is ME! I'm so picky when it comes to makeup! I don't like it when they do all that lebanese-sahra makeup. I like my eyeliner near my EYES not up near my ears thank you very much. 

I took a step back turned around, good enough I shrugged.
I turned around and smiled at the philipino lady standing next to the door and with that I left the bathroom.

I was BBMing* while walking back to the doorway that led to hall where the party was at. My head down, my hair over my face, when I smelt it. What kind of women would be smoking at a wedding ! My head shot up and like that I saw him.. and him.. and him. I looked all around me.
was all I could think of. 
Where did all these men come from !? 

Blacberry Messenger (noun)
To blackberry message (verb) can be used "to bbm"
An instant messaging application on blackberries where you can see if the message has been delivered, when it was delivered and if the person has read it.

Monday, December 22, 2008


" I can't take this anymore.."

"I'm gonna burst!"

"Hpht! Yalla! Ma 9arat.."

"Come on, COME ON !!" 

"SHDA3WA 3ALAIKOM! YALAAA"  I thought to myself.

Just then I started to panic. I couldn't take it anymore ! I could feel my features slowly growing more and more tense by the second. I took a look to my left and realized the two elderly women who have been standing by the door since I walked in were glancing at each other. Next they started to look me up and down, and give me quizzical looks. This was too much, I couldn't stand still! Without second thought I walked out trying to think of a new way to solve my dilemma. I looked around and strutted past the elevator. I then froze and slowly my brain started to tick.

Could I ? 
I could be quick. 
No one would see me ! 
I could dash in and out. 

I slowly walked back and stood before the elevator doors and looked at my own reflection. 

"Yallah?" I asked the person looking back at me.  

I quickly pressed the elevator button and ran in when the doors opened. I pressed 1 and held my breath as the elevator got to the first floor and the doors opened. I popped my head out and started to glance around. 

No one. 
The coast was clear ! 

I quickly dashed into the hall and started to look around. 

"BINGO ! " There it was! I quickly walked in.  In a matter of minutes I was more than relieved. I was overjoyed actually. I couldn't remember last when I felt so at ease ! I washed my hands and pulled my dress down and tried to fix myself. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and laughed at my self remembering how frustrated I was a few minutes ago! All because I simply needed to PEE !

I opened the door slightly, peering out making sure no one was there to see me. When I was sure the coast was clear I slowly walked out heading back to the elevator. I could hear the music from downstairs clearly now.

"A7eb ElBar welMazyoon..
A7eb ElBado welAw6aan ..
A7ebek Gabl Ma Yadroon
Ahle Wahlek Wala el Jeeran.." 

I quickly got excited !  Repeatedly pressing the elevator button, not wanting to miss out on dancing to the song! I unknowingly started swaying to the song, until before I knew I was fully dancing to it like an idiot ! 

"Ding" The elevator had arrived, the bell interrupted my dance. My head shot up as the elevator doors were opening and only then did I notice the figure standing behind me. I quickly turned around gasping ! All I could see was a set of teeth beaming at me. I felt faint. I ran into the elevator and quickly tried to close it. Pressing every button there was, it was as if I had forgotten how to work an elevator. I felt like the short elevator ride was an eternity. I felt mute ! I couldn't speak or think! I walked back to my seat next to my cousins.

"Shfeech 6awaltay?" asked Reem. 
"Noor, Shfeech?" asked Rawan. 

They looked back at each other and shrugged and went back to watching the girls who were dancing. 

It was as if my brain had paused at that moment. That disgusting moment. 
Ah. The embarrassment. 

& just like that.. elKhayala enters the blogsphere :)

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